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Check some of our News and telemarketing Articles that we post for your information:

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Date Description
2009-12-03 Defense outsourcing should be reversed
2009-12-03 Where is Indian immigration control? ''500,000 illegal Bangladeshi migrants living in Mumbai and millions are on their way to replace the north Indians''.
2009-12-03 H2B - human rights abuse in US - slave treatment at a Mississippi shipyard?
2009-12-03 Bush inherited Clinton era inefficiencies and aggravated it many times to create the total economic mess
2009-12-03 Finally Nasscom gets pinned in India
2009-12-03 Indian IT body shoppers in deep trouble
2009-12-03 Sensex in a bear market
2009-12-03 Lay off in Indian IT sector accelerates
2009-12-03 India finally realizes what a blunder it did in becoming a trading nation rather than a producing nation
2009-12-03 India worried about continuation of the ballooning trade surplus with US as the world
2009-12-03 India
2009-12-03 McCain wrong on retraining displaced workers in incompetent community colleges
2009-12-03 India seeks pact with Malaysia to regulate employment and discrimination
2009-12-03 BAE anti-missile system on commercial jets too expensive and too cumbersome
2009-12-03 The Indian expatriate women molestation case in Mumbai
2009-12-03 Kenyans burning down Gujrati businesses
2009-12-03 Three black men left the scene hurriedly
2009-12-03 A slow but steady shift from native Indian to American outsourcing base in India
2009-12-03 CapGemini plans to increase its staff in India by nearly a half to 25,000 by end-2008
2009-12-03 India headed for an export sector depression
2009-12-03 Stop illegal immigration and H1B, make China revalue currency now, and do not let patriotic.
2009-12-03 The traders of third kind keep falsifying facts to the world caught red handed
2009-12-03 The honeymoon is over for Indian IT companies
2009-12-03 How native Indian workers are taking advantage of that
2009-12-03 Many trying to hack into bank websites and illegally withdraw millions
2009-12-03 Ford plans to take advantage of Free Trade Agreement between India and Thailand to introduce the most fabulous small car in India
2009-12-03 Biomedical engineering is the new wave of outsourcing from India
2009-12-03 British jobs for British workers
2009-12-03 The greed of dollar and euro by Indian oligarchs sends BPO girls towards rape, sexual assault and murder
2009-12-03 US-based Starwood, Delhi-based Claridges, European hotel chain Accor to develop international hotels in Delhi International Airport
2009-12-03 Jeb Bush hints as world moves into knowledge-based infrastructure, India becomes a superpower
2009-12-03 Indian Institute of Science plans to help Microsoft on numerical simulation in Biomedical engineering but still India gets treated second tier research infrastructure
2009-12-03 America may need a third candidate.
2009-12-03 Indian IT companies running for cover to Europe and cutting cost left and right to survive as US Dollar fetches less Rupees
2009-12-03 A lesson learnt from Gotbaum case
2009-12-03 Against outsourcing and import of cheap labor
2009-12-03 Foreign Intuitional Investors pumping close to $6 billion per month and that is pushing rupee higher and higher against US dollar
2009-12-03 Reasons why world ranking of universities by QS/Times Higher Education rankings is flawed and do not show the real picture
2009-12-03 More than 150,000 Indian paramilitary troops ready to fight the terrorists if they attack IT outsourcing firms
2009-12-03 Indian Rats eager to take international flights
2009-12-03 Expatriate Indian doctors face backlash in UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia
2009-12-03 Educated in America and ready to cause havoc with the power of a new weapon
2009-12-03 India's IT sector in the middle of capitulation with US economy headed for a deep recession and dollar ready crashing to new lows
2009-12-03 Indian outsourcing in IT faces challenge as market shifts from US to China
2009-12-03 Demographic income distribution in India points to a catastrophic drop in real estate and stock market
2009-12-03 Do not support Hillary if she does not stand for total banning of outsourcing
2009-12-03 The truth about US immigration
2009-12-03 Marketing shake up in Yahoo - a net gain for Indian outsourcing companies
2009-12-03 Aussie Govt. is working on a strategic plan to negotiate an FTA and to have increased security coop with India
2009-12-03 Indian Government lost National flags used on this historic occasion in 1947? It just shows how India has drifted away from its original goals
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