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Check some of our News and telemarketing Articles that we post for your information:

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Date Description
2009-12-03 Disgraced founder and former chairman of Satyam Computer Services
2009-12-03 Sun Microsystems to lay off 1300 Indians, other software companies panning massive job reduction
2009-12-03 Indian IT employees start committing suicide,
2009-12-03 True character of India Inc. is getting exposed as Satyam,
2009-12-03 America under Obama plans to
2009-12-03 Global meltdown causes Indian monthly
2009-12-03 Mittal lost 62% of his net worth in 2008
2009-12-03 Satyam Computers blacklisted by World Bank
2009-12-03 Indian oligarch Tata learns first lesson of reality check from the British Government
2009-12-03 The biggest slave trading and labor law abuse happen in the American Universities
2009-12-03 Body shoppers doomsday is here
2009-12-03 India will lead the world in science and technology
2009-12-03 Indian software tech sector faces a major decline
2009-12-03 BPO-KPO sector in India is facing the heat of the US slowdown
2009-12-03 According to Indian Army, Indian Border Security Force failed to stop Pakistani infiltration for creating more Islamic terror cells
2009-12-03 The slowdown in the IT industry is real and deepening - outsourcing executives agree
2009-12-03 India
2009-12-03 The outsourcing boom over as US economy plunges into deep depression
2009-12-03 Global electronics companies create the next wave of outsourcing from India
2009-12-03 The wave of reverse outsourcing starts
2009-12-03 The staff turnover of 23.5 per cent in Business process outsourcing is a major concern in these tough times .
2009-12-03 Indian oligarchs tie knots to challenge innocent villagers of Singur
2009-12-03 Indian outsourcing sector can get badly hit if Palin ever becomes the US President
2009-12-03 Obama promises jobs for America and no tax sops for companies that outsource work out of the country
2009-12-03 Failure of Arjun Tank is an example of failed Indian technocrats running after quick money American body shop contracts
2009-12-03 The days of Indian IT body shopping are numbered
2009-12-03 India is obsessed with SAP based custom software application
2009-12-03 Can Indian IT body shopping survive $146 oil price?
2009-12-03 According to Forbes India is fast moving down in the list of best places to do business
2009-12-03 The impact of Indian hyperinflation on outsourcing as Rupees plunges
2009-12-03 India Inc. one of the most global business unfriendly: World Economic Forum
2009-12-03 India should build bioengineering and aerospace cities instead of dinosaur IT cities
2009-12-03 It is the failed Bush administration policies on free trade that caused the oil price to soar
2009-12-03 US slowdown wiping out the Indian native IT outsourcing infrastructure .
2009-12-03 State-run Indian oil companies continue to bleed close to $70 billion a year while Indian Government continues to subsidize petroleum products creating
2009-12-03 India
2009-12-03 The first sign of global recession while US economy outperforms the rest of the world
2009-12-03 A crash in TCS stock underlines end of Indian indigenous IT outsourcing superpower
2009-12-03 Wipro Microsoft alliance is a shame for all Indians
2009-12-03 According to International Monetary Fund
2009-12-03 Malaysia refuses to release Hindu activist member of the Malaysian Parliament detained without charge
2009-12-03 Will India stand up against America on slave-like treatment and human trafficking abuse on Indian workers at a Mississippi shipyard?
2009-12-03 High end consumers in Europe and America plan to dump Jagua
2009-12-03 Hyderabad ready to employ 300 scientists and engineers in its first year of operations
2009-12-03 Indian workers allegedly treated as slaves in America plan to walk 1500 miles to Washington DC
2009-12-03 Indian IT companies continue to take advantage of H1B visa loophole - stop the human trafficking
2009-12-03 US cites India on illegally importing prohibited technology
2009-12-03 The native woman police officer that India insulted receives
2009-12-03 Indian workers allege US employer and its recruitment firm violated US labor laws
2009-12-03 Ma Foi Employment Trends Survey finds high optimism in Indian employment outlook while Indian economy faces serious challenge
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