Call Center Customer Care

At Costa Rica's Call Center, we are convinced that making a high quality telemarketing phone call makes more logical sense than cutting a call short to make a daily BPO call quota. We train our bilingual call center team to ask an additional closing question, take the time to offer several options for a sale, avoid sidetracking and especially taking the most direct route toward the conclusion of each telemarketing interaction. A thank you for the customers time is required and made on every customer service call regardless of the outcome. Your clients will appreciate you for not sacrificing the quality of your customer support.

We clearly understand the importance of minimizing call center handling time on the phone while still offering exceptional service. A comprehensive analysis of different calls lengths will be conducted and results sent directly to you for review. Costa Rica's Call Center wants you to feel more secure knowing that your Latin America Customer Care team is under control and well supervised, so that you may focus on areas of your business that require more of your time and attention.