Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing is a unique form of telemarketing which involves professional telemarketers handling and answering incoming calls. Inbound telemarketing is a versatile form of telemarketing, which when undertaken and executed correctly is beneficial to most UK businesses and organizations.

Inbound telemarketing services in the UK are typically used by businesses and organizations to provide their customers with a full-time incoming call-handling function. Most providers of professional inbound telemarketing services can create full call centre infrastructures including the people, equipment and telemarketing software needed to properly manage and execute an inbound telemarketing campaign. Although inbound telemarketing is particularly beneficial when used for Business to Consumer (B2C) purposes, some Business to Business (B2B) inbound telemarketing campaigns can be carried out.

Some of the ways in which inbound telemarketing campaigns can be carried out include: